Policy Papers

Prevalence, Health Care Spending and Comorbidities Associated with Chronic Migraine Patients

The paper extends the current body of research in several directions:

• First, we provide more recent prevalence estimates of chronic migraine.

• Second, we examine the medical treatment costs by source of care and the prevalence of the use of different sources of care.

• Third, we examine the prevalence of comorbid conditions and their financial treatment and workplace productivity implications.

• Finally, we examine the impact that chronic migraine has on the treatment costs of patients with both chronic migraine and other comorbid conditions.

Read the full paper here. 

White Paper Defines Balanced Pain Management as Better Way on Pain, Opioids

Balanced pain management offers an opportunity to better manage pain, control rising costs and reduce the potential for opioid abuse, explains a new white paper from the Alliance for Balanced Pain Management.   But realizing the benefits of a balanced approach requires policymakers and insurers to first expand access to more personalized, comprehensive treatments.

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